Same journey, new set-up

In the last few months we had a lot of fun, but it isn’t all fun and games. We did struggle with “fitting” in places with the camper. The water heater stopped working. This was okay in the summer and we bought solar bags. Now that fall and winter are coming, that won’t work too well. We did miss our raft. The trailer for the raft broke during the Alaska-Canada trip. Luckily we had the kayaks, but we can’t bring the dogs with us on those. The camper now has an alignment issue, it is a problem for the tires. Not cheap fixes. we played with how to make some changes to the set-up. Since we weren’t sure how long we would continue the journey and we felt somewhat held back by the massive camper, we put it in storage and downsized… again.

We bought a trailer for the raft and a shell for the truck. We have stored some necessities with a bed frame built in. Here are pics of the new set-up. We will fit in some hotel stays and such with the new plan. the journey continues…

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