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This Is Our Story

Hello! We are Michele, Robert, Ruger and Beretta.  We have been together since 2005 (yup, high school sweethearts) and finally tied the knot in 2015 ( you are welcome mom!). Michele has worked in the field of nutrition, public health and teaching. Robert has worked in the field of biology, wildlife conservation, fisheries and teaching. We both graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno (Go Wolfpack!). We are two trout bums looking for adventure. We love the outdoors and traveling.  We enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, biking, hiking, skiing & snowboarding. Unfortunately, we haven’t spent as much time doing these hobbies as we want too.  Thus…

Between pursuing college degrees, finding jobs, wanting to buy a nice house and get cars with all kinds of fancy buttons… life started to get complicated fast. We made the traditional right decision, keeping our eye on our future prize. We got the 401k set for retirement, bought a house, saved for a rainy day.  Then, we decided to get rid of all of it. Crazy, right? We are grateful for all that we have been able to achieve, but our goal now is to live a simple, meaningful life that we are our proud of. Less overhead = more freedom. This idea is what allows us to start this adventure. We want to make sure we prioritize the important things in life. Yes, we may have been watching too many documentaries on Netflix such as “Happy” and “Minimalism”  but they really did speak to us. Who says we have to work 5 days a week 40+ hours until we reach 65? Who says we can’t travel and fish 5 days and work 2? We aren’t saying we are right or looking down on others who pursue their American dream. Whatever makes you happy, go for it. The bottom line is your future is never guaranteed and we have very  little control of our fate despite how hard we try.

The notion that tomorrow is never guaranteed is what propagated this idea. We want to share our journey with you!  If you want to see what we’re up to or maybe live through us, then be sure to follow us and make comments on the blogs.

During this journey we hope to fish everywhere we can and experience what we would consider “bucket list activities”. More specifically, we hope to catch a fish on the fly in every continental state and Canada.

Our rig is a 29′ Forest River Sierra, fully insulated bumper pull camper and a 2006 F-150. If you see us in your neck of the woods make sure you wave! Checkout “The Journey” tab for our RV repair/projects blog.

Meet Our Puppies

We love our puppies! And they are coming with us. We can go ahead and apologize right now for all the dog stuff we will likely post. We take them everywhere and they love the outdoors as much as we do. They are our family.

Meet Beretta (the bearded lady), our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. She is a great hunting dog and low maintenance. She has lots of personality and makes us laugh everyday.

Meet Ruger, our Irish Setter. Ruger is a super goofy, sweet and charismatic boy. He thinks he is a hunting dog. Even Though he is older, he still has a ton of energy.