Things we learned living in the camper…

  1. Shift happens, things will move and break. Luckily one of the things that opened was lavender oil, which smelt good. Vinegar not so much.
  2. Showers are a separate adventure. Trying to get the temperature right and shut it off and on.
  3. 10… oh, I thought you asked how many times we have to clean the floor on average daily.
  4. Slow down! We wanted to rush to fishing and doing everything and we don’t have to do that. Normally we only have a few days or weeks on vacation, now we are on a never-ending vacation. We read all the blogs that say don’t rush, but it is a hard habit to break.
  5. Dogs still follow you even in tight quarters. They don’t care, they want to be where you want to be. Even when you move like 5 feet away and they can see you, they will move. Like where else do you think I’m going?
  6. Plan and visualize what you want from the refrigerator before you open it. Rv refrigerators are super inefficient. If you can make them efficient, that would be a gold mine.
  7. Shut the door! Insert anything here, bugs, rain, heat, cold…
  8. Park next to the really expensive campers and fifth wheels, then thieves will skip our modest camper.
  9. Water is the most important commodity in the camper. Need additional water tanks or jugs. We bought a tube so we could refill the tank without having to move the camper.
  10. The dogs spend all day in the river, yet still come back to the camper and go to their bowl.
  11. No matter how much butyl tape and lap seal you use, there will still be a freaking leak!
  12. Solar panels are awesome.
  13. Invest in a good bed. We are so glad we took our queen size mattress. Usually when camping, the best part is getting to sleep in your bed when you get home. We still get to that each night.
  14. Good gas mileage, what’s that? Towing a trailer and a raft trailer you can kiss your gas mileage goodbye.
  15.  With low pantry storage, it’s amazing what you will come up with to eat.
  16. How amazing our friends and family are. We can’t those enough that helped us get this far! A million thanks. My mom put together this little box with mini hand wipes and trail mix etc. but she printed off emails from family with words of wisdom and thoughtful words about our journey. It was fun to read and have support. Thanks to all that contributed. This is the craziest thing we have ever done, but we think will be one of the most rewarding experiences.
  17. When storage is important you don’t need costco amounts of q-tips.
  18. We haven’t even thought about all the stuff we got rid of. We got rid of everything! It is refreshing. #minimalism.
  19. Idaho is still amazingly beautiful!
  20. Rainy days are good for fly-tying
  21. I don’t what day it is. We no longer are “waiting for the weekend” “hate Mondays” or “TGIF”.
  22. You are hanging out with retirees because they can do fun things every day of week.
  23. You get to meet cool people.
  24. Family Dollar is not a dollar store. It is the main grocery store in rural areas.
  25. There will be a fork in the road, with no signage. That’s a fun game. 50/50 chance though, right?
  26. How can we still have things we don’t use?
  27. Podcasts are great. Especially when you download offline and listen when there is NOTHING else. We love the Orvis podcast, the Drake podcast, and Stuff you Should Know podcast.
  28. Bucket lists are lame. In fact we deleted ours. We are out for the ride on this journey. There is so much out there you can miss if you have too specific ideas in mind. It can be overwhelming trying to see and do everything. You don’t know what you don’t know and its an amazing surprise when you experience things you never knew existed. Live life everyday and be open. We almost didn’t go to the smith river falls. It ended up being awesome. We didn’t know it was there and know fishing a waterfall is an experience we can treasure.
  29. Freedom comes at a price and we are willing to pay. We have had a lot of fun so far and are not ready to throw in the towel.
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